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The Woman From Colorado

This is a remarkable story. The discovery of Vagina Exercises made by the Colorado woman was purely by chance. It was not an event that was planned. It was not about exercises designed for the masses. In fact the complete opposite is true. The woman who perfected these exercises was humble and had no desire to share them with the world.

Her accomplishments were for her own personal use. They were to please the man she loved. She was totally content doing just that. With the exception of a few friends whom she shared her formula, her discovery went unknown for over twenty-five years. Fortunately, we were able to retrieve the manuscript. The book is now available to all women.

The exercises founded and developed by the Colorado woman are basic. There are six exercises. They will take time to perfect. Some are harder then others. They will teach you how to tighten your vagina muscles. To remain tight, periodic maintenance is required. You will be taught how to be flexible. Also, how to control your muscles at will. Once perfected these exercises will permit you to massage your partner while engaged in love making. You will learn to focus and enjoy a world of personal confidence.

Your partner will be dumb founded, when you display your unique talents and rare ability. He will find your performance inconceivable and unimaginable. Above all you will never be abandoned by your mate. NEVER!

We have one simple request. When you have completed the six basic exercises and the new you arrives, please send us your testimony. Your personal information is unnecessary.

In todays world, nobody claims to practice the exercises designed and introduced by Dr. Kegel, simply because they have vanished. The only true Vagina Exercises in existence today are those founded by the Colorado woman. How long they will remain undisturbed is unknown? It would be nice to know they are a permanent fixture of womanhood.

Wishing you... a world of great success!