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Dr. Arnold Kegel

Kegel Exercises are attributed to Dr. Arnold Kegel, who was the Assistant Professor of Gynecology at the University of Southern California School of Medicine.

The format created by Dr. Kegel was introduced in 1948. He created an instrument known as the Perineometer. It is extinct. However, several resemblances have replaced it, known by a variety of names. These devices were designed to place resistance on the pelvic floor muscles with the intention of strengthening them.

It is undisputed that Kegel muscle education and resistant exercises do offer some form of new hope. Stretched muscles of this type are the result of childbirth, surgery, weakening of the pelvic floor muscles and loss of muscle tone, due to lack of basic Kegel Exercises.

In our day, the original Kegels have been replaced by a non-resistant isometric exercise. These type of exercises go against the grain and are a total deviation from what Dr. Kegel stood for. He did not believe in this approach. They were never included in the diaries he published, and he would have found them unacceptable. The original Kegel Exercises have undergone tremendous changes. Dr. Kegel was a gynecologist and his introduction of the Kegel exercises were primarily to be utilized by child bearing women.

Today there are Kegel Exercises designed for men, developed by entrepreneurs hoping to capitalized on the phraseology, “Kegel Exercises.” This departure from the norm which Dr. Kegel spent his life researching and developing is an abomination to his great work. In short, all that he presented to the world has been tarnished, altered or eliminated.

Dr. Kegel is saluted for discovering a phenomenal exercise. His contributions are no longer practiced. They have been distorted, and replaced by more convenient imitation types of exercises. While we loathe being the bearer of bad news, the facts do speak for themselves.

Women today practice the vaginal squeeze and call it Kegel Exercise because this is what they were taught. There may be benefits to the squeeze and release method but it is not the proper way of doing Kegel Exercises. However, at the worst scenario these exercises are far better then none.

The first known program designed and made available to women in America for purposes of strengthening the pubococcygeus muscles were Kegel Exercises. We now know these exercises have been scraped and ultimately abandoned. They have been substituted and replaced by watered down versions, claiming to be Kegel Exercises. The Kegel Exercises designed by Dr. Arnold Kegel, no longer exist in America.